About me

I was born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, but I’ve been fortunate enough to see my fair share of the world.  Growing up, my family travelled all the time to new places: Denmark, England, Portugal, Russia, Italy, Greece, the list goes on.  I love to travel more than anything–I love experiencing new cultures and being able to photograph them with my cameras and video cameras. However, I have also been a competitive swimmer since I was just 5 years old.  All of my siblings were too (I’ll get back to my family–that’s a long story) so we when we reached our teen years and swimming became more serious, we weren’t able to travel much because of the rigorous schedule.  Luckily, in recent years I have gotten to do a little more traveling including Costa Rica and my all-time favorite: Africa.  I was able to get some amazing shots of all of the beautiful animals and landscapes.  Photography/Videography is another one of my favorite things to do, which is why I am majoring in Film and Media Studies at Emory University.  I am currently a junior and swim for the Women’s Varsity Swimming & Diving Team (if you know anything about swimming, my events are 400IM, 500 free, and 200 fly-a.k.a. they all suck).  Anyways, about my family…I have 6 siblings–4 half and 2 full.  My oldest siblings, 35, are twins (boy, girl) and we share the same dad, but not the same mom.  Our dad (Bob) divorced his first wife and married my mom.  They had my brother (24), sister (22), and I (21), but when I was only 1, they got divorced. My mom then married my “step-dad”and they had my half-brother (16).  I put “step-dad” in quotes because I consider him to be my real dad–I even changed my last name from Grabill to Edwards when I turned 18 so that I would have my step-dad’s last name. (My most immediate family–the ones that I live with–are my mom, “step-dad,” full brother and sister, and younger half-brother).  My family doesn’t end there though. Bob remarried about 10 years ago and just recently had a son (4).  They live in Kansas, but I only see them about once a year because I go to Florida for all of my breaks.  We have a house in Islamorada in the Keys, which is where this background image was taken (on my Nikon D5100).  I chose this as the background because it represents three of my favorite things: sports, travel, and artistic photography.